The Allgaier Werke GmbH was founded by Georg Allgaier in 1906. The head office moved to Uhingen in 1918. At this particular time the companys main job was to build simple blanking and cutting tools.
After the end of the Second World War, the ownership of the firm goes to the engineer Erwin Allgaier. Together with his brother Oskar he brought the first haulier-model – the R 18 - on the market. The „R“ stood for „robust“ and the „18“ for the 18 PS strong motor, which was chipped in by Erwin Allgaiers father-in-law Carl Kaelble. Among the farmers it got around that the R 18 was working well, so the model was mass-produced soon.
In 1949 the corporate management decided to build a modern tractor-factory with new halls in Manzell near Friedrichshafen. At this place the tractor-models were produced that has been evolved in cooperation with professor Porsche. Allgaier managed even to create some special-models, like narrow-gauge, vineyard and plantation hauliers.
In 1955 the corporate management decided to return to its former field of activity – the machine tool building. So the haulier and motor production was sold to the Porsche-Diesel Motorenbau GmbH. In the period between 1946 and 1955 Allgaier had produced all in all 50.000 tractors.