The Josef Bautz AG was founded around the year 1900. Its first activity was the building of reapers, in which the company got soon a leading position inside Germany. In 1935 the founder of the company already bought an abandoned factory at Großnauheim (Main), where he planned to produce Bautz-tractors. But before the Second World War there were only built a few prototypes.
A new chance to get into the tractor business opened up in 1950, when Bautz bought a construction from the firm Zanker (Tübingen). The result was a 14 PS strong tractor, which 1-cylinder-two-cycle-diesel motor was much alike the model evolved by Zanker. In 1954 Bautz could already exhibit a small haulier-family with four different strong tractor-types. The 12 until 22 PS strong motors was chipped in by Güldner or MWM, while the gearing mechanism came from the Zahnradfabrik Passau or out of the own production.
In 1962 started a cooperation with the Rheinstahl Hanomag AG, from which Bautz soon retired at the cost of its tractor-building division. Altogether there were built 25.000-odd Bautz-tractors.


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