The Bosch GmbH company history started in 1886, when Robert Bosch opened its „workshop for fine mechanics and electrical engineering“ in Stuttgart. Here, the Bosch-low tension magneto ignition was invented, which was first attached to a vehicle in 1897. One year later Bosch founded its first dealership outside Germany, in London.
Three years later the first factory was launched in Stuttgart. In 1902 the first high tension magneto ignition with Bosch-ignition plugs has been produced there. In 1905 the first Bosch-production outside Germany was founded in Paris and in 1906 another branch office started its activity in New York. In 1921 the first Bosch-service opened in Hamburg.
In 1927 the production of Bosch-injection pumps for diesel-motors started, which first were sold to MAN. At the beginning of the 1950s a fuel injection for cars has been evolved, which saved gas and brought more hp to the car. Two years later the first Bosch-hydraulic power unit for agricultural machines was produced. In the same year a cooperation with the Japanese concern Denso started.
In 1967 the Jetronic - the first pressure-regulated electronic fuel injection of the world - was produced. One year later the construction of a new development centre in Schwieberdingen started. Two years later the main office moved to Gerlingen.
In the following years Bosch was able to celebrate success with further progressive inventions - for example the Lambda-sensor for the emission control with three-way catalytic converter (1976), the ABS-system (1978), the ASR (1987) and the ESP (1995). In 1997 in addition the revolutionary high pressure diesel injection system „Common Rail“ was launched.
In 2003 a new testcentre in the Northswedish city Vaitoudden opened its gates and one year later a new development centre in Absatt started its operation. In the same year the Bosch-group became the automotive supplier with highest sales in the world for the first time. In 2010 the production of the foresightful safety brake started. In the same year Bosch had also been involved in constructing a parallel full-hybrid drive for passenger cars.