David Brown

David Brown is reckoned as pioneer of modern tractor construction. The company was founded in Huddersfield (England) back in 1860 and was engaged with the production of cog wheels for a long time.
In 1936 the first tractors were built in cooperation with the tractor manufacturer Harry Ferguson. 1350 units of the Ferguson-Brown Type A left the production halls. But the partnership was soon cancelled, as Ferguson went to the United States. In 1939 the VAK 1 was produced, but because of the beginning of the Second World War only 1000 units could be finished.
After the war many further tractors were built under the name David Brown, till the company David Brown Tractors was resumed by the Tenneco International Inc. and integrated in the Case Corporation in 1972.
Since 1983, no more tractors were produced under the title David Brown. 5 years later the factory in Meltham Mills were closed at last. All David-Brown-hauliers had been manufactured here.

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