Back in 1864 Nicolaus August Otto and Eugen Langen founded the „N.A.Otto&Cie“ in Cologne. The company first produced atmospheric gas force machines. In 1872 it was renamed as „Gasmotoren-Fabrik Deutz AG“. In 1892 the production of locomotives with combustion engines started.
The plough locomotive constructed in 1907 was the first trial to build a tractor. In a second trial the „Deutzer Trekker“ was produced in 1919. But it was primarily used as artillery towing vehicle in the First World War than as tractor.
The first serial production of a diesel tractor started in 1927. But this MTH222 was only of limited suitability for the work on the fields. In the following years the agricultural engineering became a main pillar for the company. Machines with air-, oil- and water-cooled engines were built. In 1930 it came to an association with the „Maschinenbauanstalt Humboldt AG“ and the „Motorenfabrik Oberursel AG“, so the „Humboldt-Deutzmotoren AG“ was born. In 1936 also the vehicle factory „C.D. Magirus AG“ has been assumed. In the same year the production of the farm tractor F1M 414 started. Two years later the name of the company was changed in „Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz-AG“ (KHD).
After the Second World War the serial production of air-cooled diesel motors has been advanced, so since 1950 the tractors have been equipped with such a motor. In 1964 Deutz launched the Magirus emblem as its firm logo. In 1970 the companies „Ködel & Böhn“ and „Fahr“ has been completely assumed by the KHD. Since 1995 the agricultural engineering sector with the brand „Deutz-Fahr“ belongs to the Italian SAME-group.


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