The history of the „Gebr. Eicher Traktorenfaberik“ started in Forstern (Oberbayern), where the brothers Josef and Albert Eicher transferred an old Opel to a mowing car by adding a knife bar. As this solution wasn´t as successful as hoped for, the brothers built its first three-wheels-tractor in 1935. One year later the first towing vehicle was built for sale. With the concept of block construction, it was easy to start a serial production with prefabricated parts bought in addition.
In 1941 the „Gebr. Eicher Traktorenbau oHG“ was founded. After the Second World War the construction of own air-cooled motors began. Due to the success with the ED 16 Eicher was able to start its large-volume production. In 1960 the first narrow-gauge tractor for the use at specialised cultivation and in vineyards was launched. Four years later the 100.000. Eicher-tractor was delivered.
In 1970 the cooperation with Massey Ferguson started. Subsequently the company founders transferred the corporate management to MF. At least Vikram Lal – owner of the affiliated company „Eicher Goodearth India“ - assumed the company. But it had to sign on insolvency in 1984. In 1985 a new founded „Eicher GmbH“ started to produce original Eicher-tractors. But this company was insolvent again in March 1992. Until 1998 narrow-gauge tractors had been produced, but afterwards the production of Eicher-tractors in Germany has been shut down completely.

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