The company Fahr was founded as mechanical workshop in Gottmandingen in the county Konstanz back in 1870. After the corporate management has been transferred from the founder Johann Georg Fahr to its two sons and its two sons-in-law, Fahr was converted into an incorporation.
In 1938 the production of the first tractors started. The motors were bought in addition at Deutz and Güldner, while the gearing mechanism came out of the own production. In 1952 the expansion to Argentina started and the affiliated company „Fahr Argentina S.R.L.“ was founded in Buenos Aires. In 1958 tractors was produced in cooperation with Güldner. At this particular time Fahr kept besides the tractor-and agricultural machinery-factory in Gottmandingen an own iron foundry in Stockach and a gear-wheel-factory in Karlsruhe.
Since 1961 the Deutz AG (KHD) started to buy into the company and the production of Fahr-tractors was given up. In 1968 Deutz kept the majority of the shares. After a complete integration into the concern, tractors has been produced again under the brand-name Deutz-Fahr since 1981.
The iron foundry in Stockach has been shut in 1984 and the factory in Gottmandingen was assumed by the dutch agricultural machinery-company Greenland in 1988. In 2006 the place of production was closed completely. Certainly the name has survived because tractors with the brand-name Deutz-Fahr are still produced.

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