Famulus is the name of the tractor RS14 produced in the GDR between 1956 and 1967. Manufacturer was the VEB Schlepperwerk Nordhausen. The Famulus, at some places jokey called „Pflaumenmus“, was first produced under the name „Favorit“. But by reason of a lawsuit, this name has been changed in 1958.
The RS14 was offered in different basic versions. It was available with 30, 36, 40, 46 or 60 hp. The RS14/30 and the RS14/36 were offered both air- and water-cooled. But from 40 hp it was only produced with water-cooling. The RS14/40W and the RS14/46W were also offered with all-wheel-drive, while the 60-hp-model only came with all-wheel-drive. The origin type Famulus 60/RT330 has only been built ten times, even if the Famulus-60-series were equipped with a water-cooled 3-cylinder-diesel-engine. Cause in the range between 30 and 46 PS even air- or water-cooled 2-cylinders-engines were used.
Because of the great request for powerful hauliers, the number of revolutions was raised first. So the RS14/36W had only 1.650 r.p.m., while the RS14/46 was produced with 2.000 r.p.m.. But with this the engine was thermal overstrained, so the number of revolutions had to be reduced at the first regular service. Therefore, the engines of the RS14/46W and its follower RS14/40W ran only with 1.800 r.p.m., so the lifetime of the Famulus could be extended again. This also is the reason, why the years of construction of the 40-hp-models with water-cooling are higher than the years at the 46-hp-models.
Interestingly more air-cooled Famuli has survived till today, even if these engines mostly needed a general overhaul after less than 1000 operating hours. Normally the water-cooled engines are firmer, also if here the cylinder-head gasket often has to be exchanged.

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