The company Fritzmeier was founded by Georg Fritzmeier in 1926. It first was a saddlery. But since 1950 the production of tractor-seats started and the company became the original equipment manufacturer for Schlüter. Some years later the first tarpaulin tops for tractors were drafted.
In the 1960s the main plant in Großhelfendorf in the southeast of the county München was built. Here the development of anti-roll bars for tractors started. Certainly the first drivers cabs for construction machines were built. At this particular time the building owner was the company Zeppelin.
In the 1970s Fritzmeier took a chance to get into the heavy tool manufacture. The 1980s was shaped by the expansion of the company in other ranges of production. In the 1990s a cooperation with ANGUS-PALM, SIMS (USA) was assumed with the goal to produce cabins. Today Fritzmeier is a medium-sized company for plastic and metal construction. The company is original equipment manufacturer for different utility vehicle producers, like tractor producers. It is leading in the production of cabins.