In 1904 Hugo Güldner together with some other industrialists founded the Güldner-Motoren-Gesellschaft in Munich. One of the co-founders was the German engineer, inventor and company-founder Carl von Linde, whos name could be found in the Güldner -logo. Three years after the establishment of the company the factories has been transferred to Aschaffenburg.
Since 1938 Güldner started to produce own tractors. Since 1958 the company started a cooperation with the tractors-producer FAHR. Together they brought the Europe-series on the market. The cooperation ended in 1961, when FAHR was assumed by DEUTZ.
Güldner was assumed by the Linde AG, which concentrated on producing floor-borne vehicles. The production of diesel-motors and tractors was stopped in 1969. While its existence the company Güldner produced about 100.000 tractors.

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