Back in 1871 the Maschinenfabrik Georg Egestorff became Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG (Hanomag). The production of agricultural machines started in 1912, when the affiliated company „Deutsche Kraftpflug-GmbH“ was founded, which was engaged in the fabrication of revolutionary motor-ploughs.
In 1919 the engineer Ernst Wendeler and the farmer Boguslaw Dohrn brought the first European crawler tractor on the market. In 1925 the first wheel tractor was launched. In 1931 in due time the production changed over to four-stroke diesel engines. The company was enfeebled by the world economic crisis and assumed by the Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG in 1936. Before in cooperation with the Hannover company Continental Gummiwerke and the tractors-producer Lanz succeeded the development of the first pneumatic-tyred tractor. In the following years the sales volume rose and Hanomag became market leader in 1939 and again at the beginning of the 1950s.
But in 1955 a narrow two-stroke diesel engine was launched, that became a failure and the company lost its good reputation. In the newer series the old four-stroke diesel engine and technical innovations like front loader and three-point suspension was used. But the company stayed left behind its competitors. In 1969 a cooperation with the company Henschel started, to change the companies focus on the production of lorries. At the same time the tractor factory in Argentina was sold to Massey-Fergusson and one year later the production was shut completely.
Altogether in Linden about 250.000 tractors had been produced.

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