Hermann Lanz

In 1888 Hermann Lanz senior founded Lanz Aulendorf in upperswabian Aulendorf. The company was concerned with repairing agricultural equipment. In 1927 the development of power mower and automobile work machines started. At this particular time electric and stationary motors was in use. In 1929 the first power mower was produced. The production was carried out in frame mode of construction and a gas engine with evaporation cooling was utilised.
In 1931 the production changed to compression ignition engines and five years later the first real tractor was built in block construction and with an upright motor. In 1939 the production of agricultural equipment was stopped and the company specialised in producing tractors. So one year later in face of war and world economic crisis the 1000th tractor was delivered.
After the Second World War the factory in Aulendorf was demounted by the French, but in 1949 the tractor production started again. In 1951 the HELA-Emblem was launched as brand, because of the pressure from the Lanz-company in Mannheim.
Since 1955 Hermann Lanz produced own diesel engines and 1960 the production of own hydraulic system parts started. Meanwhile the export business flourished and tractors were delivered to Spain and Turkey. For the distribution in Benelux and France a partnership with Bautz started in 1963.
At the end of the 1960s the production of own motors was stopped again. In 1978 the Lanz family sold the company to the IBH-holding. One year later the tractor production was stopped after producing over 30.000 tractors. The IBH-holding had to declare bankruptcy and after different changes of the owner Anton and Hermann Lanz left the company. In 1992 the factory in Aulendorf was shut and the buildings were pulled down three years later.

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