The Gebr. Holder GmbH was founded in Swabian Metzingen back in 1888. First of all the company dealt at the phytosanitary sector.
Since 1930 Holder started to produce tractors and the first pedestrian controlled tractor was brought on the market. In 1949 a new factory specialised on producing tractors opened its gates in Grunbach. Due to the fact that no convenient supplier was found, the diesel engines were produced by themselves.
In 1954 the first all-wheel-tractor with articulated steering was launched. The farmers liked it, because of its agility. At the 75-years jubilee in 1963 about 90.000 tractors had been produced. Certainly in the following years the number of the inland permissions was declining, so in 1986 only the insolvency proceedings could save the company. Due to this act the factory in Grunbach was shut.
Abroad the company kept its good reputation, with the effect of high exports. However in 1989 the production of own engines was stopped. Deutz became the supplier. Also the companies focus was changed back to the phytosanitary sector.

In 1992 Holder was sold to the Japanese company Maruyama. But in 1996 Dr. Hans Saur bought the company back. In 2005 Holder was assumed again, this time by the Turkey agricultural company Uzel. In 2008 it came to a insolvency. An investor group under the leadership of the Staufen AG finally assumed the company.

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