The at least 150 years old history of the brand Magirus goes back to the captain of the voluntary fire brigade of Ulm Conrad Dietrich Magirus. Magirus was involved with inventions, which should facilitate the fire fighting. In 1864, he became a copartner of the „Gebr. Eberhardt offene Handels- und Kommanditgesellschaft“, which was concerned with the production and the marketing of fire service equipment.

After a disagreement with the brothers Eberhardt, Magirus founded with the „Feuerwehr-Requisiten-Fabrik C. D. Magirus“ his own company in 1866. Here he developed with the so-called „Ulmer Leiter“ a technical sensation in 1873. The two-wheeled sliding ladder had a head of even 14 metre and could be climbed in freerange and moved in extended condition. When Magirus introduced this gadget on the world exhibition in Vienna, it prompt won the gold medal.

As a result of the raised publicity he got lots of offers, so that the area at the promenade became too small in 1885. The result was the construction of the factory in the Schillerstraße in the west of Ulm near the lines of rails. In 1887 Magirus transferred the management of the company to his sons Heinrich, Otto and Hermann.

Till the turn of the century lots of innovations were made - amongst others the „Elevator-Patent-Leiter“, which could be extended and erected with a cable winch. In 1892 a turntable ladder drawn by horses, which could be extended till 25 m, was invented. Also, a novel petroleumenginegun and the first automobile electrical turntable ladder came from the firm Magirus. When the company´s founder Conrad Dietrich Magirus died at the 26th of June 1895 at the age of 70 years, the products of his company had already won 50 gold, silver and bronze medals.

At the beginning of the 20th century round 300 staff were employed at the „Vereinigte Feuerwehrgerätefabrik GmbH“. In 1914 the capacities of the factory premises at the Schillerstraße were exhausted, so a second factory was built in Söflingen. Here the so-called „Bayernspritze“ - the first light fire lorry with a 1,5-tons-chassis as basis – was produced. In the twenties finally communal vehicles and later also lorries of different sizes were produced. In 1925 the owner changed the company symbol into a „M“ combined with the minster tower of Ulm. When the request declined after the end of the war, Magirus had to reduce its staff. But in 1927 already about 2000 workers were employed.

By reason of the raising request the „C.D. Magirus AG“ produced its own diesel engines since 1929. Certainly the world economic crisis caused that through more and more credits the banks resumed the authority. In 1932 the company had to be sold and on the 5th of March 1936 the „Humboldt-Deutz AG“ resumed the business. After the logo was combined temporary with the Klöckner-Deutz-lettering, in 1949 the primary Magirus-logo returned and the brands name was changed in „Magirus-Deutz“.

Even before the centennial, Magirus developed more innovations. The worldwide first welded steel ladder set belongs to it. The worlds highest turntable ladder with 52 + 2 metres height and lift came also from the firm Magirus. And also the first lifting force guns, running with an air-cooled VW-industry engine goes back to the fire fighting gadget producer.

In 1974 a cooperation with Fiat and further lorry manufacturers led to the establishment of the brand Iveco. The „Magirus-Deutz AG“ became subsidiary of this company and was renamed into „Iveco Magirus AG“ in 1983.

In 1996 the fire protection division was outsourced under the name „Iveco Magirus Brandschutztechnik GmbH“. Meanwhile, all turntable ladders were produced with a computer controlled safety system and thanks to the AluFire technology the superstructures of the fire lorries was given maximum flexibility.

For further worldwide expansions, different places of production were developed, amongst others in Weisweil, in the Italian Brescia and in the French Chambéry. At the turn of the century the first vibration-free turntable ladder with computer-based technology was placed on the market. In 2010 the single-extension-pullout was developed, on which rudiment the worldwide longest turntable ladder (42 m) was invented.

Meanwhile, the „IVECO Euro-Fire GmbH“ was founded as holding for the „IVECO Italien“, the „IVECO Magirus AG“ and the „Renault V.I.“. But in 2004 the title „Euro-Fire“ was resigned in favour of the designation „IVECO Magirus“. Under this name lorries of the brand Iveco were produced and the development of fire brigade and civil protection technique was actuated. In 2013 the fire protection technique was led under the „Magirus GmbH“ and with the stylised „M“ as logo the company returned to its roots.

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