The long history of the firm Ransomes started back in 1789, when Robert Ransome founded his iron-foundry with only £200. In 1832 the company in Ipswich bought the lawn mower patent from Budding and started with the serial production. Thereby started the success story of a leading firm for lawn care. Till 1840 Ransomes sold 1000 and till 1858 7000 lawn mowers. Also, many industrial first developments belongs to the company, for example the first steam plough in 1856. At the same time the lawn mower was constant refined, so at the beginning of the 20th century the first petrol lawn mower could be brought to market.
1920 Great Britain's first battery-powered electric truck and 1923 the first walking greens mower followed.
In 1955 the first rotary mower for home use with four reversible cutting blades was developed. Seven years later the firm Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Ltd. in Ipswich together with the Dutch Landré Milieu group became shareholder of the German Landré and Glindermann GmbH in Münster. After the lawn mowers of Ransomes were already on the German market since decades, this company became official distribution partner. At the same time the Landré and Glindermann GmbH sold industry drive systems and ship´s engines in a further branch. Out of a small office with separate store the marketing in Germany was strengthened bit by bit.
Meanwhile, in Great Britain the development continued. In 1964 the first tractor-mounted, power-driven, five unit gang mower was brought to market. Four years later the first riding greens mower followed.
In 1970 the company in Münster moved to its new firm building in the Borkstraße 4. 1974 in Ipswich the first self-propelled high work rate ride-on triple mower was launched. Two years later the German distributor became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Ltd., when this company bought the shares of the Landré Milieu in the Netherlands. The firm in Münster was renamed as Ransomes Deutschland GmbH and concentrated from now on only on machines for lawn and green care.
In 1986 the first turf groomer was developed. In the year 1989 many of the European neighbouring countries were served out of Germany, why the name was changed into Ransomes GmbH. Five years later the first all electric triple mower was brought to market.
1998 the Ransomes plc. in Ipswich was resumed by the TEXTRON-concern. Also in Germany it had consequences. The activities of the Jacobsen E-Z-GO Textron GmbH in Eutingen-Weitingen were stopped. The firm in Münster resumed the marketing for the Jacobsen-products and was renamed in Ransomes-Jacobsen GmbH. Besides Germany, Austria and Switzerland became part of the distribution area.
In 2002 the company was triggered off the TEXTRON-concern again, namely through managing director Alfons Gottemeyer, the T.C.R. group under Thomas Reiter and the EPHL Beteiligungs GmbH. The investors worked as independent importers for the TEXTRON-Turf-Care, to which also belonged the Ransomes product group in England. The sales region was expanded to Croatia and Hungary. The companies name was changed again, in fact in TTC (The Turf Care Company GmbH). The T.C.R. firm group expanded its activities additional to the division Golf also on the business segment's technique and immovables. Subsequently, the company employed about 200 staffers and scored an annual turnover beyond the 70-million-Euro-border.
In Great Britain further developments followed. 2004 the first magnetic bedknife was invented. 2007 the first hybrid walking greens mower was produced. 2009 the first hybrid riding greens mower followed.
2012 in Germany there was a last change of name into GolfTech Maschinenvertriebs GmbH. The reason was, that the distribution of machines for the golf course and lawn care should be forced. Back in 1988 the associate company Golf Tech Golfartikelvertriebs GmbH was founded, which complemented well with the Golf Tech Maschinenvertriebs GmbH.
In 2013 the first triplex mini flail mower was launched.
2016 the GolfTech Maschinenvertriebs GmbH in Münster/Westfalen already became the general importer for the complete machine program of the TEXTRON-group. To it belonged also the brand Ransomes which products thus could be sold in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland and Croatia.

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