The history of Rapid started in 1926, when Dr. Karl Welter and the engineer Arnold Rutishauser founded the „Rapid Motormäher AG“ in Zurich. As first company of the world they produced automotive engine mower with front powered sickle bars in mass-production.
Between 1946 and 1947 a test series of 36 compact cars was produced, named the „Schweizer Volkswagen“. In 1947 the production moved to a new factory in Dietikon. In 1950 Rapid gained success with the production of an walk-behind tractor, which was applicable for mowing as well as for transporting goods.
Since 1960 the company started the production of lawn mowers. In 1961 the administration also moved from Zurich to Dietikon. In 1964 the first automotive loader was developed. In 1967 the successful engine mower was brought to the market. It was applicable as broad or grass-sowing mower. In 1972 a new mowing tractor was launched, which was constructed on the basis of the walk-behind tractor. It was very effective for the hay harvest in hillside situation. In 1978 a cooperation with the Japanese compact tractor producer Iseki started. In the middle of the 1980s the production of own fourwheel transporters was stopped. Instead of that they bought transporters from Lindner in addition. In 1990 the first hydrostatic powered engine mower was developed. But only two years later the production of mowing tractors was stopped.
2002 the company was split in the „Rapid Schweiz AG“ and the „Rapid Technic AG“. The first company focused on the import and distribution of agricultural vehicles and the other attended to walk-behind tractors, special purpose vehicles for the communal sector and the technical support for the engineering industry. In 2004 a cooperation with the Danish company Egholm started, as well as with the Sewitech AG. Two years later they entered the American market by a cooperation with Ariens (USA). In 2007 Rapid also became chief agent for the brand Lindner.
In 2008 the company moved from Dietikon to Killwangen.

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