In 1899 the company Anton Schlüter München was founded by the businessman of the same name. First he started to build petrol and multifuel engines in a small backyard. Just one year later the small company employed 12 collaborators.
In 1911 the company owner acquired the machine factory Otto Schülein in Freising and rebuilt it to a foundry. One year later south of Freising the Schlüter estate was built. It was used as agricultural experimental centre. In 1915 the architects Max Littmann and Jakob Heilmann built a third plant on a 100.000 m² big area next to the estate. Three years later Schlüter developed the cold starting procedure for precombustion chamber diesel engines and got the „Deutsche Reichspatent“ for it. In 1921 the company exported diesel engines between 5 and 300 hp all across the globe.
In 1937 Schlüter started to build tractors. In the years of war petrol ran short, so they switched to wood gas generators and wood gas tractors in 1942. When Anton Schlüter junior resumed the Schlüter factories in 1949, the Freisinger foundry and the Munich plant were mostly destroyed. So he decided to produce his tractors only in one factory.
Since 1964 the first haulier with 100 hp was built and in the following years Schlüter concentrated on the building of big tractors. In 1970 Schlüter began to offer agricultural employer seminars as well as driver, foreman and assembler courses. Two years later the first hauliers were produced in compact construction. In 1978 the prototype of the 500 hp strong Profi Trac 5000 FVL was built. But the strongest tractor of Europe was never mass-produced.
Since 1986 High Speed hauliers with top speed from 50 km/h was built. In 1988 the first Schlüter tractors with electronic and electro-hydraulic gearing was brought to the market. But the competitions technique was developed better and after the Fall of the Wall in 1989 the request for Schlüter system hauliers faded. The company had to declare bankruptcy. In 1991 the old foundry shut its doors and the factory in Freising was closed in 1993. The company Egelseer in Fürth (formerly Kraus) assumed the supply with spare parts and produced single exemplars of the Euro Trac till 2004.

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