Unimog is the acronym for „Universal-Motor-Gerät“. The first model was developed by Albert Friedrich in 1945. It was primarily produced for the use in the agriculture. Typical were the four equal wheels with all-wheel drive. The Unimog could be used as stationary engine, haulier or delivery vehicle.
First Unimogs were produced by the company Erhard & Söhne in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Since 1947 the Daimler-Benz AG chipped in the diesel engine. In 1949 the production was transferred to the Böhringer Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH in Göppingen. Two years later Daimler-Benz assumed the branch Unimog.
In 1953 the first model with closed drivers cab, produced by the Westfalia, was launched. Since this year the logo for the Unimog changed from the stylised oxhead with horns in U-shape to the Mercedes-star. One year later the Unimog became as first haulier the proof of suitability by the foresttechnical examination board. In 1955 the supply was expanded by vehicles for the military. Since 1959 the Unimog was offered with serial synchronised gearing, what means a big innovation for an agricultural tractor at this time. To counter the loss in the agricultural branch, the MB Trac was brought to the market in 1972. It was a crossover between the Unimog-technique and the optic of a tractor.
In 1992 a completely new designed drivers cab was used for the Unimog-models. Furthermore a upgraded frame and progressive acting coil springs improved the handling. So the new Unimog-generation became attractive for the more and more important buyers from the communal sector. Since 2000 the new model series was equipped with deep down stretched windscreens, which enabled a good view on the attachments. Otherwise the use of the vehicle as equipment rack became more and more important. But it stayed also a good off-road vehicle.
In 2002 the production moved to Wörth at the Rhine. At this time 320.000 vehicles had been produced in Gaggenau. Since 2013 the new Unimog-series were equipped with engines, which complied with the exhaust emission standard Euro VI.

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