The history of the company started, when Jakob Warchalowski opened his machine factory J.Warchalowski in Wien, back in 1858. Soon after the development of the combustion engine he self-dependent produced stationary engines, which were sold in the whole monarchy Austria-Hungary. His sons expanded the company, by applying for lots of patents. They also started a cooperation with the German company Werner & Pfleiderer. In 1913 August Warchalowski founded the industrial plant Warchalowski, Eissler & Co., were he started to build aircraft engines. In the First World War Hiero aircraft engines were produced under licence.
In the Second World War most of the workshops of the company were destroyed. After the rebuilding stationary engines between 4 and 42 hp were offered.
Then the aircooled diesel engine was developed, which was built in light-metal design with 2,3 and 4 cylinders. This development enabled the way to the tractor building, which occurred in series since 1956. The tractors had between 14 and 50 hp and were equipped with a combination of Warchalowski-diesel engines and ZF-gearings. Very successful was the V-2-cylinders-diesel engine with direct fuel injection, invented by Prof. Hans List (Graz). It was also used by many other tractor producers (Lindner, Kirchner, Krasser). Warchalowski also offered special models with the marking A for all-wheel drive, B for mountain and S for narrow-gauge. Abroad the business also ran well, so some tractors were even sold to India, China, Brasil and to the USA.
Since 1968 Warchalowski quit building own engines. Now they were chipped in by IH. In 1970 the tractor production was stopped, because of the declining order situation. In the 1980s further Warchalowski tractors had been built under the marking DN..., but in fact this products were De-Nardi-tractors. Because of the high development costs and the low number of produced units the production was closed completely.
Today Warchalowski is no longer an independent company, but part of the Case-IH-concern.

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