The producer of precious cars goes back to the two founders Frederick Henry Royce and Charles Steward Rolls. They came from different social classes, but were united in the dream of building a top quality and reliable British car. When they met for the first time back in 1904, Royce had just finished a prototype, while the 14 years younger Rolls was trading with imported cars.
Two years later their two firms affiliated in Manchester to the Rolls-Royce Ltd. and produced the Silver Ghost. This car became the reputation of being the best car of the world. In 1908 in Derby a new factory opened its gates, and this car was produced there. Since 1915 Rolls Royce also constructed aircraft engines, which was used in the First World War.
In the years between the two wars high power engines were built, to reach new speed records at the land, on water and in the air. In the 1920s the Rolls-Royce-cars gained their reputation as myth combined with gentry, wealth and glamour.
In 1931 the insolvent rival Bentley was assumed. In the following years Rolls-Royce-cars were prevalent produced for the chauffeur driving, while the sportive Bentleys was built to be driven by oneself.
In the Second World War Rolls-Royce built aircraft engines again. After the war the production was transferred to Crewe, where the first Rolls-Royce was brought to market, which body has been built single-handedly.
Since 1965 the first vehicles with integral body was produced. Because of troubles with the aircraft engine building it came to financial problems in the 1970s. Only a nationalisation by the British government rescued the company. At least the successful car branch was excluded under the name „Rolls-Royce Motor Cars“. 1980 this company was bought out by the Vickers concern. But the proprietary rights for the brand was kept by the new built engine producer „Rolls-Royce plc.“. In 1985 the 100.000. vehicle left the conveyor in Crewe. In the beginning of the 1990s the upcoming recession had a bad influence on the sales of the company.
In 1998 the first success was a new built model. But the engine came from BMW, so Rolls-Royce lost its name as pure British car. In the following years VW as well as BMW tried to assume the company. At least VW became the brand Bentley, while BMW assumed Rolls-Royce. In 2003 the first Rolls-Royce produced by BMW left the factory.