The company Someca has its roots in the firm SAFAF (Société Anonyme Française des Automobiles Fiat) and in the firm MAP (Manufacture d’Armes de Paris=weapon manufacture Paris). The SAFAF started the import of Fiat-vehicles back in 1934. Later the company produced such in its own factory in Nanterre.
At the same time the firm MAP fabricated tractors with Latil-engines since 1945. They produced the AR3 with petrol engine, as well as the BR3 and the DR3, both with gas generator. In 1950 The MAP-models DR30, DR40 and DR50 followed, before the company SIMCA (arisen from the SAFAF) bought out the agriculture division of the MAP in 1953.
According to some sources this was the basis for the founding of the SOMECA (Société de Mecanique de la Seine) as independent brand and branch of the French auto mobile manufacturer SIMCA.
Soon with the DA 50 the first SOMECA tractor was brought to market. It was similar to the MAP-model DR3 (According to another source similar to the later MAP-models DR30 and DR40). The 4-cylinders-engine of this model came from OM (Officina Meccanica) and had 37 hp at 1500 rpm.
In 1957 the company SEVITA (Société d'Exploitation de Véhicules Industriels et de Tracteurs Agricoles=firm for the production of industrial vehicles and agricultural tractors) was created, which assorted the tractor producers SOMECA in Saint-Denis (France), Steyr in Wien (Austria) and FIAT in Turin (Italy), as well as the producer of agricultural equipment named PUZENAT in Bourbon-Lancy (also France) in a new way.
In the same year SOMECA developed with the „SOM 40“ one of the biggest tractors, which ever was built in France. The haulier was equipped with a Fiat OM COID 45 engine. It was a four stroke diesel engine with direct injection and 4165 cc. The engine provided a performance of 45 hp at 1500 rpm and was the headstone for the big success of the tractor in France. When petrol was introduced as fuel in the 1950s till 1960s, the same model was optional offered with petrol engine. Till 1964 18.741 hauliers were built, which represented a record at this time.
In 1958 SOMECA became a part of SIMCA Industries. Till 1960 altogether 40.000 SOMECA-tractors left the assembly line.
In 1965 the series „15“ was started, but SOMECA produced since this year only under licence of Fiat Trattori. Even prior to that FIAT was majority shareholder of the brand and in 1983 the Italian company integrated SOMECA in its agricultural branch FiatAgri. In 1993 this branch became Fiat New Holland and at last Fiat CNH Global. Under this name the company is operating till today.

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