The birthplace of the company schanzlin is the small village Fahrnau near Schopfheim im Wiesental not far from the border of Switzerland and the town Basel. It was founded by the grandfather of the current director Horst Schanzlin back in 1908. As mechanical workshop it first produced pumps, band saws, straw cutters and hand hauliers. In addition the company was supplier of swivels for the production of cogwheels.
Since 1948 schanzlin took part in the motorisation of the agriculture. It built engine mowers, walk-behind tractors, motor hoes and small four wheel tractors. The company fostered the technical development. Especially trough the own gearing and axle building they gained specific know-how in this branch and new ideas were realised in this technology.
In 1953 the company moved to Weiswell. Today the head office stands on a 30.000 m² big area, therefrom 8.000 m² under roof. Here schanzlin became an expert for metal-cutting development of components from cast and forged steel. Because of this today the company is supplier of lots of famous gearing factories, engine-, construction machine and vehicle producers. But also in the tractor building is schanzlin still active. The company offers narrow-gauge and plantation tractors for the orcharding and the viniculture. Furthermore schanzlin delivers small tractors for the communes.